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July 20, 2008

Mumbai, Kandivali East – animals in the streets

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These pictures were formerly edited on AEHRF’s pictures. The photos have been taken in December 2006. Click on the pictures for greater size:

These animals belong more or less to the community … to nobody, or to all of us. Peoples give them a bit food and accept them as part of their life.

.. – ..

Dogs are omnipresent, every street, court, place is occupied by a group. They sleep peaceful during the day, at night they bark whenever something moves … understand: almost continuously. The December 2006-Newspaper told about a rich American, living in a ‘better place’, asking to have killed all these dogs, their barking stopped his merited sleep. Indians spitted their’s sides with laughing.


Cows are more than animals. My hostess explained me: they express God through themselves. When people goes bye, we may feed them and in return, the cow is blessing us, in the name of God. The three cows live just beside the house I stayed. In the morning, women clean their place and give them green food. But nobody was able to see that this poor animals were attached at these trees for their lifelong, NEVER more made any step, to walk a bit! Nobody was able to feel their need for some movement! And nobody had the idea to poor once a year some water on them, to wash them, to reduce their strong smell. Or just to spend them a bit relief from hot and sweat.


A free walking animal. I try to imagine if this animal can be happy, alone, without other cows? Others may say, happiness is not the goal. The cow would be just the expression of humans hard life condition, and as an expression of God, shares this our life, feeling what humans may feel themselves: to be eternally in the crowd, but still alone. I understand, humans (unconscious) projections create the cows life-condition.


… and finally some goats running around the slum’s border.

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