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October 17, 2015

latest flowers before winter

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in streets and parcs of Geneva – October 2015:

.20p R0017701.

.20p R0017646.

.20p R0017658.

.20p R0017651.

.20p R0017655.

.20p R0017634.

.20p R0017653.

.20p R0017648.

.20p R0017707.

.20p R0017649.

.20p R0017723.

.20p R0017732.

.20p R0017733.

.20p R0017734.

.20p R0017736.

.20p R0017740.

.20p R0017745.

.20p R0017747.

.20p R0017749.

.20p R0017751.

.20p R0017752.

.20p R0017755.

.20p R0017758.

.20p R0017760.

.20p R0017764.

.20p R0017766.

.20p R0017786.

.20p R0017787.

.20p R0017788.

.20p R0017791.

.20p R0017798.

.20p R0017775.

.20p R0017812.

.20p R0017818.

.20p R0017831.

.20p R0017861.

.20p R0017864.

.20p R0017882.

.20p R0017893.

.20p R0017894.

.20p R0017897.

.20p R0017898.

.20p R0017769.

.20p R0017804.

.20p R0017848.

.20p R0017849.

.20p R0017936 - Copie.

.20p R0017937 - Copie.

.20p R0017940.

.20p R0017941.


.20p R0017821.

.20p R0017922.

.20p R0017929.

.20p R0017605.

.20p R0017819.

.20p R0017721.

.20p R0017719.

.20p R0017718.

.20p R0017722.

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