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July 17, 2015

walking along the Seymaz – Geneva

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a small creek recently renatured

May 2015:

.80p La SEYMAZ - Chêne-Bougeries - Chêne-Bourg, Genève.  

.20p R0017235.

.20p R0017237.

.20p R0017241.

.20p R0017242.

.20p R0017251.

.20p R0017259.

.20p R0017262.

.20p R0017269.

.20p R0017274.

.20p R0017277.

.20p R0017279.

.20p R0017284.

.20p R0017291.

.20p R0017297.

.20p R0017327.

.20p R0017336.

.20p R0017348.

.20p R0017335.


October 2014;

.70p KAD R0015014.

.65p KAD R0015015.

.65p KAD R0015017.

.65p KAD R0015031.

.20p R0015025.

.20p R0015037.

.20p R0015038.

.20p R0015043.

.20p R0015044.

.20p R0015045.

.20p R0015047.

.20p R0015061.

.20p R0015064.

.20p R0015067.

.20p R0015072.

.20p R0015073.

.20p R0015078.

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