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August 31, 2014

enjoying later summer 2014 in Geneva

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.30p R0014433.  

.30p R0014431.

.30p R0014634.

.30p R0014618.

.30p R0014624.

.rog 30p R0014633.

.rog R0014625.

.rog R0014437.

.rog 30p R0014418.

.rog R0014628.

.60p R0014683.

.80p R0014685.

.rog R0014615.

.rog 30p R0014631.

.rog 30p R0014638.

.30p R0014639.

.rog 30p R0014641.

.30p R0014648.

.30p R0014645.

.30p R0014640.

.30p R0014642.

.30p R0014653.

.30p R0014658.

.30p R0014659.

.30p R0014662.

.30p R0014668.

.30p R0014671.

.30p R0014675.

.30p R0014679.

.30p R0014680.

.30p R0014620.

.30p R0014415.

.30p R0014514.

.30p R0014574.

.30p R0014424.

.30p R0014429.

.30p R0014446.

.30p R0014517.

.30p R0014510.

.80p rog tchadors à Genève.

watch the girl at left (some domestic/underdog ?) how she is excluded from the group, with nothing to drink … (remember the story with Kaddhafi’s domestics here in Geneva) …

.30p R0014520.

.30p R0014467.

.30p R0014522.

.30p R0014430.

.30p R0014565.

.30p R0014567.

.30p R0014560.

.30p R0014581.

.30p R0014532.

.25p R0015137.

.25p R0015146.

.30p R0014391.


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