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February 27, 2013

on diving ships – and down in the deep – my pure nostalgia

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February 2013 – from Phuket-Thailand good start in the morning:

.R0012079 15p.   

.R0011969 15p.

.R0011973 15p.

.R0012128 15p.

.R0012138 15p.

.R0011992 15p.

reaching diving sites:

.R0012014 15p.

.R0011972 15p.

diving pictures courtesy our guide Delphine and my daughter Sophie:

.IMG_1158 15p.

going down: pictures from Koh Doc Mai, Raja Islands, Phi-Phi, King’s Cruiser, Shark Point …

.IMG_0864 15p.

.IMG_0870 15p.

.IMG_0800 15p.

.IMG_0913 15p.

.IMG_0950 15p.

.IMG_0954 15p. we disturbed his sleep

.IMG_0955 15p.

.IMG_1083 15p.

.IMG_0930 15p.

.IMG_0901 15p.

.IMG_0871 15p.

the end of a dive

.IMG_1018 15p.

.IMG_1365 15p. taking off diving paddles

.IMG_1363 15p.

preparing back home

.R0012040 15p.

.R0012085 15p.

.R0012039 15p.

.R0012044 20p.

.IMG_1243 15p.


See also in french:
mon retour de plongée;
Est-ce que la plongée sportive est aussi pour les vieilles femmes?

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